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Having problems with your LiftMaster Gate Opener?

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The convenience of electric gates is not convenient when it has a malfunction. Here we list common problems that homeowners experience with their LiftMaster gate opener and how to fix them.

Although there are different types of electric gates, each automatic gate functions with many mechanisms. There may be several reasons why a gate opener has malfunctions. Some gate opener issue can be fixed by the homeowner, but it is important to know that other issues may need to be repaired by a professional.

You can check the control board of your LiftMaster to find if it has any error code (newer models). Each code varies from model to model. Codes can be a big help in figuring out what might be causing your gate opener to malfunction. Search the gate’s user manual to find the gate codes, so that you can figure out the possible issue.

Here are the most common problems with LiftMaster gate openers:

  • Worn wiring near the control box (maybe from mice chewing on wires)
    Call a Certified Gate Technician before you try any wiring as you don’t want to blow up your circuit board!

  • Worn, dirty, or loud track
    If you have a sliding gate, it is possible that your tracks are dirty or worn-out. A gate track that is full of debris and dirt can cause the gate to not open smoothly. It may seem jerky. If this issue is not resolved, it can make.
    It is important for homeowners to always keep their automatic sliding gate tracks clean and free of debris.your gate motor get overworked.

  • Gate repeatedly opens and closes
    When a gate is opening and closing repeatedly it can be due to malfunctioning loop detectors, faulty limit switches or limit nuts, or radio frequency interference. Do not fix this problem on your own, it is best if you call a professional gate operator technician that is an expert in their field.

  • Problem with wheel bearings on the gate rollers
    Wheel bearings are located on the fence that moves. When these wheel bearings begin to break down, it can cause your slide gate to not move. This is a common problem due to not enough lubrication, worn or broken bearings on the wheels.

  • Malfunctioning remote control
    Sometimes your remote control can be the problem with your automatic gate and not the gate itself. Sometimes the battery in the remote control needs to be replaced. This is a simple task by removing the cover and replacing the battery. It also could be the little circuit board inside the remote has gone out. If this happens a new remote will need to be purchased and re-programmed by a professional gate operator technician.

  • Photo eye sensors are dirty or misaligned
    The gate photo eye sensors are what tells the gate that there is an object near or in the way when the gate is closing or opening. They are what helps to prevent your gate from closing on you when you are halfway through the gate. If there is an object in between the sensors it will not allow your gate to close. If the sensor lenses are dirty or misaligned, it can cause your gate to not function properly.

    The photo eyes are required by law to keep you, your family, animals, or vehicle safe and undamaged.
    Fortunately, photo eyes are a simple easy fix to do on your own. Start by making sure that the two sensors are aligned properly, if not, then most likely the problem is with the photo eyes. To line it up correctly, gently rotate the receiver until it is properly aligned. The light will switch to a blue light when it is aligned.
    If your photo eye sensor appears dirty, then you can use rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth to clean the sensor lenses. Sometimes simply wiping the lens off may solve your issue.

  • Edge transmitter is faulty
    Edge transmitters on automatic gates are like the photo eye sensor, because they detect when an obstacle appears to be in the way. If it detects something in the way while it is closing, it knows to stop the gate and begins to open again. When there is a problem with the edge transmitter the automatic gate will remain in an open position.  Many times, Fence contractors try to override the edge transmitter (because it is required by law and they do not know how to install it correctly). What happens is the circuit board will quickly realize it is not working and stop the use of the gate operator. It is best to get a professional gate technician to ensure that it is professionally installed.

LiftMaster Gate openers offer many different styles depending on what your driveway needs are.

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