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We are the Best Automatic Gate Repair in Rockwall, Texas!  A1 Gate Guys is rumored to be the number one source for all your gate repair needs. A1 Gate Guys is the only go to company for certified and reliable automatic swing or sliding gate repair / installation techs. A1 Gate Guys are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our certified gate service, repair, and installation technicians company employees and work exclusively for A1 Gate Guys.

All our certified gate technicians attend swing and slide gate operator classes. We are the best of the best because we employ only the best of the best. Experience the difference by having one of our certified automatic swing or slide gate operator technicians provide you with a professional repair. You can rest easy at night in knowing that your swing or slide gate opener will  tip top shape and that everything will operate smoothly and securely. We are so excited to be accepting appointments in the Rockwall, Texas for all your electric gate needs.

It is always in the best interest of you the homeowner to repair or have repaired any minor issues that may arise from your automatic gate repair in Rockwall before much bigger costly problem arises. Your automatic swing and sliding gate operator can or could be malfunction for several different reasons. Here are just a few common things that you as a consumer and homeowner can check for and inspect.

Here are some actions you can try to do on your own, for you do it yourselfer type people:                                   

  1. Inspect the surrounding area to ensure there is nothing physically interfering with the movement of your automatic, electric, battery backup, or solar slide gate operator, such as an object or obstruction on the “V” track or an object interfering the in gear or belt mechanisms compartment. If you find an object that is causing the interference, sometimes it can be as easy as powering off the automatic slide gate operator or electric swing gate operator and removing the object or obstruction.
  2. Verify that your automatic swing or sliding gate opener, solar swing or sliding gate opener, battery backup swing or sliding gate opener, or electric swing or sliding gate opener has electrical power going to it.
  3. Just 1 10th of the solar panel being blocked from direct sunlight can cause the batteries not to fully charge, thus causing the solar powered swing or slide gate operator not to function properly.
  4. What the LED’s on a LA400 board indicate:
  5. Alarm – This LED will illuminate when the gates gets a double obstruction. Will flash 3 times if batteries are low.
  6. Maglock – This LED will illuminate while opening and closing and be off when the gate is on a limit. This will only happen as long as Dip #2 (Mag) is On.
  7. Gate 1 – These are the open/close relays. These LED’s will illuminate when the board is providing 24VDC to the motor terminals.
  8. Gate 2 – These are the open/close relays. These LED’s will illuminate when the board is providing 24VDC to the motor terminals.
  9. Accessory Ovld – This LED will illuminate when there is more than 250 mA being drawn or a short across the accessory power output.
  10. Ovld – This LED will illuminate when there is more than 250 mA being drawn or a short across the switched accessory power output.
  11. Power – This LED will always be illuminated when there is AC or DC provided to the board.
  12. Chgr Ovld – This LED will illuminate when there is a short across the AC input.
  13. Fuse Open – This LED will illuminate when the fuse is bad. The fuse will blow out if there is a short on the batteries or if the batteries are bad. 
  14. Motor(s) need resetting when: (SL3000UL)
  15. Reset Motor LED light flashes once, THEN System ON LED will flash rapidly.
  1. You should check the breaker that the automatic swing gate operator or electric slide gate operator is connected to by switching the breaker off and switching the breaker back on again.
  2. Audio Alarm ON: (SL3000UL)

Probable Cause:

7a. Gate has encountered two consecutive obstructions while trying to close or open.


7A. Any re-new command will resume normal operation but not a radio command. Check for obstructions.

7B. You can stop the alarm by using the built-in reset button

7C. You can stop the alarm by using an optional stop button

  1. Note: If it is a solar powered swing or slide gate opener you will need to check the batteries to ensure that they are fully charged and connected correctly at the terminals. 8a. Inspect the batteries to ensure they are free of any type of corrosion.

8b. If corrosion is built up on the batteries or on or around the terminals and cable connections.

8c. You should disconnect the battery from the connection terminals and clean the     corrosion off both the batteries and connection terminals.

8d. Then reconnect the terminals onto the batteries and see if that works.

  1. You can do this by simply pressing your gate opener remote control button to ensure that you hear that the automatic swing or slide gate operator, solar swing or slide gate operator, battery backup swing or slide gate operator, or electric swing or slide gate operator is making a clicking sound.

LA412PKGU Swing Gate Operator Parts

1. Part # 41ASWG-0119         Release key

2. Part # 41ASWG-0594SA    Motor with limit switch harness

3. Part # 41ASWG-0014SA    Rear connector

4. Part # 41AASWG-0597SA Cable 12 V with connector

5. Part # 41ASWG-442SA      Release Lever

6. Part # SOLPNL10W12V     Solar Panel

7. Part # K74-34392                Antenna

If you are still having issues and cannot figure out what the problem is with your gate operator, please do not hesitate to give us a at (469) 277-8333. As your premier automatic gate repair in Rockwall you can schedule an on-time appointment to repair, installation, or service your as soon as possible.

Here are a few signs that your electric, or solar power swing or slide gate needs to be serviced or repaired:

  • The slide or swing gate operator is moving much slower or even faster than usual.
  • The solar powered swing or slide gate opener is not charging correctly and is malfunctioning when it is in use.
  • A grinding or squeaking noise or sound is emitted when the automatic swing or slide gate operator is opening and or closing.
  • A loose chain on your automatic gate operator that is hitting the concrete on your driveway.
  • Your gate remote control is lost or stolen.

Whether it is your automatic gate opener has stopped working, or your automatic gate has shifted and won’t open or close properly anymore, we have the solution. A1 Gate Guys of Rockwall, Texas is an authorized LiftMaster Dealer but prides itself on the working and repairing the following but not limited to residential automatic, electric, battery backup, and solar powered swing and slide gate manufactures: LiftMaster, US Automatic, Eagle, Viking as well as several other types of residential electric, automatic, battery backup, and solar powered gate operators. Our professional certified gate operator technicians can diagnose and repair the problem and or even install a brand new automatic, electric, or solar gate operator for you and everyone else in your household.

About Rockwall, TX

Rockwall is a city in Rockwall County, Texas, in the United States of America, which is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Arlington Metroplex. Rockwall is the county seat of Rockwall County. The population was 37,490 of the 2010 United States Census Bureau. The name Rockwall is derived from a Naturally jointed geological formation, which has the appearance of an artificial wall. The association of Paleo Indian artifacts with an extinct Pleistocene mammal remains in various archaeological sites within in the Texas Prairie Savannah Region of eastern North Central Texas, including a site in Collin County and Clovis Points that were recovered from the Brushy Creek Clovis Site in Hunt County, demonstrates that the Rockwall region was occupied by prehistoric Native American cultures at least as far back as 13,000 to 13,500 years ago. More recently, the Rockwall region was occupied by Caddo Indians and Creek Indians that moved into the area in the early 19th century.

In 1851, as the first Anglo American settlers moved to the area, they started by dig wells. During the digging, they found large underground rock walls that were initially believed to be manmade. Later study of the wall like features by geologists and archaeologists found them to be jointed, natural sandstone dikes that had intruded Cretaceous marl. In 2013, forensic geologist, Scott Wolter, on the television show America Unearthed, visited Rockwall to investigate the claims that the wall might have been manmade, and the conclusion of the episode was that the underground structure was natural and not man-made.

The town was established April 17, 1854 and named after these natural rock walls. While originally part of Kaufman County, Texas in 1873, Rockwall County, Texas was formed with the city of Rockwall being the county seat.

If you need  automatic gate repair in Rockwall, TX. Area please do not hesitate to give A1 Gate Guys a call at (469) 277-8333. We look forward to hearing from you if you ever need our professional gate repair services or new operator installation services.

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