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Motorized Gate Repair in Plano and Surrounding Areas

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Motorized gates play an important role in protecting your property and serve as a safe entry point for you and your family.  Not only does it create a convenient entry but adds protection for children and pets along with enhanced curb appeal and property valve.  Motorized gate systems replace the manual gate system that requires someone to physically go to the gate to open or close it.  Motorized gate systems use electric motors to open and close gates by a touchpad or transmitter from your vehicle.  The motor is the heart of the motorized gate and is essential to have gate repair done regularly to ensure everything is in good working condition. 

Advantages of Motorized Gate Repairs by A1 Gate Guys

Whether you have a home in the heart of the city or a rural home, a motorized gate better protects you and your property.  Here are some advantages of having a motorized gate.

Enhanced Security:  Automated gates offer greater security for you and your family due to you having control of who enters your property.

Privacy Expanded:  Motorized gates and fencing can not only add more security but can give you a larger private area.

More Convenience:  Opening an automative gate takes only a press of a button.  Many gates have sensors when your car has passed through will close automatically.

Property Valve Increased:  Fenced and gated properties make it less likely to be damaged by intruders and car accidents.  Gated properties add an extra layer of protection and can even change insurance rates, raising its property valve. 

A1 Gate Guys are experts at repairing and replacing motorized sliding and swing gates.  Whether you have an existing gate that needs servicing or in the market for a new automatic gate, don’t settle for any other company.  A1 Gate Guys is the one to handle all your gate needs.  We provide repair and installation work on motorized gates.  If you detect issues with the functionality of your motorized gate, take action.  Give us a call today 469-277-8333. We Service Plano and Surrounding areas including Parker, Frisco, Melissa and More

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