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Electric Gate Opening and Closing Problems

Electric Gate Repair

Do you have a problem with your electric gate randomly opening and closing? Have you tried resetting your electric gate and it is still acting up? If your electric gate is having this problem, no matter if it is a swing gate or a sliding gate, this will cover three main causes for a gate repeatedly opening and closing.

  1. Radio frequency interference

It is possible to have an interference with your automatic gate’s radio frequency. All operators send out a signal for a remote to read. When it does that the gate operator will open or close. Some interferences can be caused by Wi-Fi, cell phones and automated homes. The electric gate operators from LiftMaster come with a tri-band frequency to illuminate the problem. It’s called LiftMaster 2.0 technology

  • Limit Switches are not Working Properly

Limit switches are one of the main components of your electric gate. It controls the opening and closing process of your automatic gate.  The purpose is to talk to the circuit board. When the limit switches talk to the circuit board, they will tell it how far to open the gate as well as where to stop to close the electric gate. If it is faulty it may stick or stop before it closes all the way. When that happens the gate stops and may roll back open because it didn’t hit the limit switch to close all the way. Faulty limit switches can be tested to know if it should be replaced.

  • DIP Switch Reprogramming

DIP switches are an essential part of the control board and opening mechanism of an electric gate. They can also be found in the circuit board of your remote control.  Sometimes DIP switches can require reprogramming, although they don’t always if they are properly programmed during the initial installation. You could reprogram your DIP switch to see if it solves your problem. It could be a bad remote, sticking and if that is the case call a certified gate professional to assess the problem.

There may be times that you could troubleshoot your electric gate on your own, but there are also times that it is easier to schedule a professional certified gate tech to troubleshoot and fix your electric gate problems. A1 Gate Guys are always here to help you out! Call us today if you have a problem with your automatic gate. Providing electric gate repair for all of Dallas including Plano.


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