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Guide rollers at the top of the gate

Common Gate Issues are listed below.

When was the last time your automatic gate was serviced by a certified technician? It really is important to have a maintenance check Before the problem happens. The automatic gate operator will give you clues when it is time for a checkup. Always have a professional do a diagnostic inspection at least annually. This could prevent a serious problem in the future.

We have tried to answer a few questions regarding common gate operator issues below. However not all problems are listed below. It may be time for a diagnostic inspection by one of our certified service technicians!

As a Authorized LiftMaster Dealer our certified service technicians have the ability to diagnose and repair your driveway gate operator efficiently. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Q: Why doesn’t my gate open?

A: There are many different reasons your gate is not opening. We have put a list of reasons below.

  • Loss of power
  • Fuses go bad
  • Batteries go bad
  • Circuit board issues
  • Receiver issues
  • Batteries in remotes may need to be changed
  • Obstruction on the track the gate rolls on
  • Reset button on the motor could be tripped
  • Blown capacitor
  • Rodent chewed up wires
  • Limit switch
  • Foot pedal switch

Q: Why won’t my gate close?

A: Sensor out of alignment if available, same as above, chain too loose, bad rollers on the gate, bearings on rollers blown out or worn out, force setting issue.

Q: Why is my gate operator chain hanging?

A: Too loose, stretched out, weight of gate can stretch out chain, chain bolt can break or bend, bracket broke that holds the chain

Q: How often should I have my automatic gate operator checked?

A: At least once a year. Exposure to the elements, rodents like to use the covers as homes. This also is a perfect breeding ground for wasps and yellow jackets/bees, mice, squirrels.

Q: Why is a diagnostic inspection important?

A: Go straight to the problem, don’t make multiple trips save money, time and resources. Same as your garage door and opener maintenance

Q: What is included in the automatic gate operator tune-up?

A: We have a long check list (over 25) of items we need to go thru. This will depend on if it is a swing gate or a slide gate operator.

Q: What automatic gate operators are best for my driveway?

A: There are many factors in deciding on what type of operator you need for your application.

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