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electric gate opener repair

How To Reduce Germs at Your Gate

electric gate opener repair

During this time with the growing concern and risk of the spread of germs, automatic gates
provide touchless entry and exit points to your property. This technology significantly reduces
the opportunity for contaminations, germs, and viruses to spread among surfaces. Automatic
gates allow for no contact entry and exit points while offering a safe and efficient solution for
entering your property. Touchless automatic gates will decrease the overall transmission rate
of bacteria and viruses. The touch free automatic gates help prevent germs from transferring
to hands and surfaces while helping to promote safety and health.

Other Advantages of Automatic Gates
Manual gates require you to pull over, open the gate, pull in, then close the gate before you can
continue your way. Automatic gates you never need to leave the comfort of your car to open
and close the gate.
Convenience: This is probably the primary reason for having a automated gate opener
installed. You can open, enter then close your gate without leaving the comfort of your car.
Privacy: Automatic gates are a great investment if privacy is a concern of yours. It prevents
vehicles from entering your driveway.
Increased Curb Appeal: Homes with automatic gates have a sense of style and class. A
beautiful gate that has an automatic opener makes a home look more upscale and elegant.
Child and Pet Safety: Automatic gate systems enhance safety precautions by creating a
safeguard for your children and pets against surrounding traffic. It also adds an extra privacy
boost to keep intruders out.
Enhanced Security: Automatic gates offer greater security because you control who enters
your property. You can reduce theft and vandalism to your property.
A1 Gate Guys are automatic gate repair specialists and are ready to install a new gate at your home or
repair your existing one. Protect you and your family today from harmful germs and intruders.
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