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Automatic gate repair in lowry crossing tx

Lowry Crossing, Texas is where you can find A1 Electric Gate Repair Guys, the certified and reliable swing or sliding gate repair company that is here to service, repair, and replace most automatic gate makes and models Here at A1 Gate Guys we are always here so you can call, no matter what the time of day or night is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to repair, service, sell, or if needed replace your existing residential driveway gate.

Our certified technicians are hourly company employees, we do not hire or employ contractors or sub-contractors. All our certified automatic gate repair technicians have been to several automatic gate operator schools. They have also been to several electric gate operator classes and have passed all related classes to obtain the certifications. We are the best automatic gate repair company in Lowry Crossing, because we employ the best, with the highest level of gate operator knowledge.

Experience the difference by having one of our automatic gate repair technicians provide you with a professional repair, service, or new gate operator installation. You can rest at night in knowing that your electric swing or sliding gate will be in tip top shape and that everything will operate smoothly and securely after we repair your automatic gate. We are so happy to be repairing automatic gates in Lowry Crossing, Texas area. We cannot wait to help all the residence in and around the city of Lowery Crossing with their gate repair, service, or new installation operator needs.

Here are Some actions you can try to do on your own, for you do it yourselfer type people:                                   

  1. Verify that your automatic swing or sliding gate opener, solar swing or sliding gate opener, battery backup swing or sliding gate opener, or electric swing or sliding gate opener has electrical power going to it.
  2. Check the breaker that the automatic swing or slide gate operator is connected to by switching the breaker off and switching the breaker back on again.
  3. Inspect the surrounding area to ensure there is nothing physically interfering with the movement of your automatic, electric, battery backup, or solar slide gate operator, such as an object or obstruction on the “V” track or an object interfering the in gear or belt mechanisms compartment. If you find an object that is causing the interference, sometimes it can be as easy as powering off the automatic slide gate operator or electric swing gate operator and removing the object or obstruction.
  4. Motor(s) need resetting when: (SL3000UL)
  5. Reset Motor LED light flashes once, THEN System ON LED will flash rapidly.
  6. Audio Alarm ON: (SL3000UL)

Probable Cause:

5a. Gate has encountered two consecutive obstructions while trying to close or open.


5A. Any re-new command will resume normal operation but not a radio command. Check for obstructions.

5B. You can stop the alarm by using the built-in reset button

5C. You can stop the alarm by using an optional stop button

  • Note: If it is a solar powered swing or slide gate opener you will need to check the batteries to ensure that they are fully charged and connected correctly at the terminals. 6a. Inspect the batteries to ensure they are free of any type of corrosion.

6b. If corrosion is built up on the batteries or on or around the terminals and cable connections.

6c. You should disconnect the battery from the connection terminals and clean the     corrosion off both the batteries and connection terminals.

6d. Then reconnect the terminals onto the batteries and see if that works.

  • You can do this by simply pressing your gate opener remote control button to ensure that you hear that the automatic swing or slide gate operator, solar swing or slide gate operator, battery backup swing or slide gate operator, or electric awing or slide gate operator is making a clicking sound.
  • If you have a LiftMaster LA412UL or any other type of solar powered gate openers, check to see if the solar panel is receiving full sunlight and free of any debris.
  • What the LED’s on a LA400 board indicate:
  • Alarm – This LED will illuminate when the gates gets a double obstruction. Will flash 3 times if batteries are low.
  • Maglock – This LED will illuminate while opening and closing and be off when the gate is on a limit. This will only happen as long as Dip #2 (Mag) is On.
  • Gate 1 – These are the open/close relays. These LED’s will illuminate when the board is providing 24VDC to the motor terminals.
  • Gate 2 – These are the open/close relays. These LED’s will illuminate when the board is providing 24VDC to the motor terminals.
  • Fuse Open – This LED will illuminate when the fuse is bad. The fuse will blow out if there is a short on the batteries or if the batteries are bad. 

LA412PKGU Swing Gate Operator Parts

1. Part # 41ASWG-442SA      Release Lever

2. Part # 41ASWG-0594SA    Motor with limit switch harness

3. Part # 41ASWG-0014SA    Rear connector

4. Part # 41AASWG-0597SA Cable 12 V with connector

5. Part # 41ASWG-0119         Release key

If you still cannot figure out what the issue or problem is with your gate operator, please do not hesitate to give us a call anytime day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year at (469) 277-8333 A1 Gate Guys of Lowry Crossing, Texas and schedule to have your automatic gate service, repaired, or replaced. We look forward to hearing from you, and you can always speak to one of our friendly and professional customer service representatives at (469) 277-8333.

Here are a few signs that your automatic swing or slide gate needs to be serviced or repaired:

  • You hear a grinding or squeaking noise when your driveway gate operator is opening and or closing.
  • Your electric slide or swing gate is moving much slower or even faster than usual.
  • A loose chain on your electric slide gate operator that is hitting the concrete on your driveway.

Whether it is your electric, or solar slide gate opener chain that has come loose, or your gate opener has stopped working, we have the solution for any of your Lowry Crossing, Texas for your electric gate repair needs. A1 Gate Guys of Lowry Crossing, Texas prides itself on the working and repairing the following but not limited to residential automatic, gate manufactures: LiftMaster, US Automatic, Eagle, Viking as well as several other types of residential electric, automatic, battery backup, and solar powered gate operators. Our professional certified gate operator technicians can diagnose and repair the problem and or even install a brand new automatic, electric, battery backup, or solar gate operator for you and everyone else in your household.

About Lowry Crossing, TX

The Lowrey family settled in the area in the 1850s. During the early days, they transported folks across the East Fork creek by raft. Lowry and his brother used a slip scraper and cut the bank so that wagons could cross the creek. Hence the name Lowry Crossing, but at that time most people referred to it as Lowry’s Crossing.

In 1937, Bridgefarmer Road was a dirt road. Levi Bass got the county commissioners to rock the road in 1928. Russell Dowdy donated the rock and Sam Eastham was paid 10 dollars a day to take a wagon and team to transport the heavy loads. The rocks were so large that it took up to four people to load and unload them. The large rocks were set, and smaller stones were placed around them. A person with a sledgehammer would come along and beat the rocks into a crushed stone.

In the late 1960s Buster Smith was approached about putting asphalt on Bridgefarmer Road. A dollar amount was set on what the residents would need to pay complete this task. Glen Eastham, Wayne Betterton and Howard Morsden set out to collect the funds. Glen finished the fundraising by receiving donations from Turentine and Crouch Funeral Homes as they often had services at Wilson Chapel Cemetery. Overall, there were only five families who did not financially support the blacktop road. All but these five received a culvert with the paving; the others got a bridge and a bill. Most of the maintenance was done by Glen and his son, Mike, for many years.

Milligan School was just south of the present-day U.S. Hwy 380 on Bridgefarmer Road. The location is where Audie Casey lives currently. The school was closed sometime between 1945 and 1947.

In 1971, area residents were concerned about the area being taken over by either the city of McKinney or the city of Princeton, both had encroaching boundary lines. Again, the Commissioners Court was addressed and asked to allow Lowry Crossing to incorporate. The Commissioners approved the request and on July 19, 1971, Lowry Crossing officially became its own town.

The present-day Lowry Crossing has grown considerably. When the town was incorporated in July of 1971, there were 78 Homes – now the town can boast of a little over 800 homes. The governing body consists of a Mayor, five City Council members, a Building Inspector, Judge, and City Secretary.

The Volunteer Fire Department was formed in January 1984. It was made up of a small group of dedicated men and women that worked hard to serve their community. They purchased their first truck, a lime green deuce-and-a-half, from the Murphy Fire Department. Clarion (Berry) and Patsy Berryman were serving as our dispatchers for several years.

Today, the old worn out hand-me-down equipment and apparatus are being replaced with new or newer equipment. As the community continues to grow and become more complex so must the fire department. The volunteer fire department is currently dispatched by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. The focus of the department in recent years has been on training and equipment. We have several members that are Certified Basic Fire Fighters and/or Certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The Volunteer Fire Fighters are called out for fires, wrecks, smoke investigation, floods, medical calls, and the occasional rescue of a kitten from a tree.

Only through the generosity and support of the Lowry Crossing community and its citizens can this all volunteer fire department exist and continue to save lives and property today.

If  you have any automatic slide or swing gate that needs repair near you in the Lowry Crossing, TX. Area. Please do not hesitate to give A1 Gate Guys a call at (469) 277-8333 and speak to one of our courteous customer service representatives and schedule an on-time appointment at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you if you ever need our automatic gate repair services or new operator installation services. A1 Gate Guys is your trusted electric gate repair company with service technicians here in Lowry Crossing, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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