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two types of sliding gates

What are the Two Types of Sliding Gates?

two types of sliding gates

The most popular type of gates is the residential sliding gate. Just like the name implies, the sliding gate opens by sliding the gate across the tracks along the fence line. Other than the gate itself, the track is extremely important to keep clean. The tracks should be free from debris, rocks, stones, grass clippings or leaves. They must be properly maintained to help prevent damage to the track and rollers, otherwise, wheels may fall off the track or the wheels can lose their bearings and not roll anymore.

The Types of Sliding Gates—

The two types of residential sliding gates are operated either manually or by electric gate operator. It is self-explanatory the difference between the two; however, we have listed the two designs below.

Manual Sliding Gate

A manual sliding gate means that a person will have to physically (manually) open the gate by hand. The person would have to unlatch the gate, then push the gate along the track until it is all the way opened. Followed by sliding it closed and latching the gate to lock it. Manual gates are easy to open with little effort when they are new. Over time they can become worn out and might be a challenge to open or close. They become tougher to slide once debris and dirt starts to accumulate in the track of the gate. To ensure optimal function, it is important for manual sliding gate owners to regularly maintain and clean tracks, check rollers and remove any debris left on the tracks.

Electric Sliding Gate

An electric sliding gate uses an electronic system (gate operator) and a gate remote to open and close the electric gate. Homeowners simply click the button on the gate remote and it does all the work for them. The motor of an electric sliding gate uses a chain to guide the gate over the tracks. They are perfect for homes located on busy streets or roads to allow a vehicle to enter and exit safely. Electric gate operators work very well to protect the privacy of your home. It leaves the backyard or driveway safe and secure from intruders.

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