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Sliding Gate Repair

Type of Automatic Gates

Sliding Gate Repair

There are a variety of automatic gates in the market from swing gates to sliding gates. The design and technology are customizable to the preference of the homeowner. Automatic gates add an extra layer of protection to residentials along with convenience. Though just like any electric device, they come require regular maintenance and unexpected repairs.

Does your automatic gate have an issue that needs to be addressed? At A1 Gate Guys, we are available 24/7 on any day of the year for your automatic gate repairs. Since electric gate repairs are inevitable, we are ready to help you with your gate repairs and maintenances. We have experience to service all types of automatic gates, which includes the following types:

Automatic Gates/Electric Gates

There is an assortment of automatic gates. Automatic gates are electric and have built-in technology to determine how far or close a vehicle is in proximity to the gate.

Battery-Powered Gates

Battery-powered gates are common in areas with regular power outages. A battery backup for automatic gates a good way to ensure consistent power.

Solar-Powered Gates

Solar-powered gates are an eco-friendly option that can reduce the cost of your utility bill. Unlike electric gates, solar-powered gates do not require electricity.

Swing Gates

The two types of swing gates are installed with either a single panel and double panels. Often times, smaller residential properties will choose a single panel gate, and larger properties and commercial properties will have double panels.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a conventional automatic option. It required less energy to operate a sliding gate compared to a swing gate. Its simple chain design is convenient, sleek, and quick.

Whether you have an electric gate or solar-powered gate, we can help you with all your gate repairs. We can inspect your gate to determine what is required for repair or if you need a new gate operator. Give us a call today at 469-277-8333 to schedule a diagnostic inspection.

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