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Solar Powered Gate Operator Maintenance

Solar Power Swing Gate Repair Lucas Tx
Solar Power Gate Lucas Tx

How to care for your solar powered gate operator is important for the longevity of the operator.  Did you know that a homeowner should clean the solar panels? Yes, clean or wipe off with a mild window cleaner or damp rag and wipe dry. Why? Because like everything outdoors there is a lot of debris, dirt floating around and when it rains just attaches all of that to the panels. Over time if it is not cleaned off the solar panels will dramatically less efficiently.

When was the last time you checked the batteries? A great tip is when the gate is losing power check your battery or batteries. Most batteries will last between 3 – 5 years. There are several types of batteries used like car batteries or gel batteries. Tip: when you replace a solar battery take a marker and write the date you replaced. If you ever have problems with the battery you will know when you replaced it

If the battery isn’t charging have a professional come check it as it may be other parts of the automatic gate operator malfunctioning. If you are in need of a swing / sliding gate repair call us today. A1 Gate Guys serving all of the Dallas area including Lucas Tx


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