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Simple Maintenance for electric gate

Simple Maintenance for Your Automatic Gate

Simple Maintenance for Your Automatic Gate

Property owners enjoy the convenience of their automatic gates. However, there are times that automatic gates have technical difficulties and need regular maintenance. Automatic gate maintenance helps to prevent premature problems and unnecessary expenses, plus it can extend the life of the gate. We have provided a few helpful tips to keep your automatic gate in the best condition.

Keep Your Gate Clean

For the optimal quality of your gate, it is good to clean off the dirt that accumulates on the gate and its tracks. Cleaning gates also help you know if there is any sign of rust. To clean a metal gate, it is safe to use a sponge and mild soapy water then rinse the soap off with water. Over time gates will build up dirt and grime from the outdoors condition and inclement weather.

Keep Your Gate Lubricated

Lubrication is an important maintenance that you should not avoid. Electric gates must be lubricated on the moving parts for them to slide smoothly and work efficiently. Without lubricant, the gate will have to strain to move. The longer it goes without lubrication can risk other damage to the gate, such as the electric motor. So, protect your gate and your gate’s motor by keeping the proper components (hinges, chains, rollers, etc.) lubricated.

Keep Your Gate’s Path Clear

The path of your automatic gate should be free of limbs and branches. This is important to note when there is inclement weather that would cause tree branches to fall around your gate opening mechanism. Obstructions in your gate’s path can damage the mechanics and function of your automatic gate. Be sure to keep your gate free from all debris and such!

Does your automatic gate need to be serviced? The experts at A1 Gate Guys are here to help you with your automatic gate repair, and regular maintenances. We service most of Dallas and surrounding areas like Lucas. Call us today for an estimate at (469) 277-8333.


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