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Pros and Cons of Automatic Gates

Electric Gate Repair

Automatic gates are a great investment. The various reasons that people get automatic gates may differ from person to person, but regardless of the reason, automatic gates have both pros and cons. We have listed a simple list of the pros and cons of having an automatic gate.  

Pros of Automatic Gates:


It is important to feel safe in your home. With an automatic gate, your house can have a feeling of protection, which can also add to the comfort of being home.  An automatic gate can help eliminate the need for other expensive security measures that require extra installations. Also, for families with children, it is a great comfort to know that your child will remain in the safety of your yard.

Easily Access

Automatic gates are known for their ease of access. It is great to have the convenience of entering or exiting through an automatic gate. Automatic gates eliminate the issue of getting out of your car to enter your driveway or leave your property. It is especially nice to avoid being in bad weather or dealing with the dark of nighttime. Easy access into your driveway can make your commute home one less thing to have to deal with.

Home Investment

Having an automatic gate on your property is a solid investment for your home. It can make your property have a pleasant look and leave a good impression for people that drive by. Also, automatic gates can make your home more desirable to potential buyers, if you ever decide to sell your home.

Cons of Automatic Gates:

Power Outages

Since automatic gates need electricity, it means you will have to open them manually if your power is out. They are more like a temporary manual gate until the power returns. Unfortunately, the same rule applies when your automatic gate is having a problem.

Initial Cost

Like we said earlier, automatic gates are an investment, which means that the initial cost is a huge consideration. There is the cost of the gate and installation, along with the price of the openers and any other additional accessories. For more about automatic gate pricing, contact us at (469) 277-8333.

Unexpected Repairs

Just like anything that powers mechanically, automatic gates may have times where a repair is needed. Gates are great when they work properly, however, there are times when something goes wrong. Which can lead you back to opening your automatic gate manually or unable to open it at all. At A1 Gate Guy, we are readily available to help with any of unexpected problems with your automatic gate in the Dallas Area including automatic gate repair in Plano Tx.

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