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How to Manually Open a Residential Automatic Gate?

Driveway Gate Repair Lucas Tx

Need help to know how to open your electric gate during a power outage? Most homeowners can think of manually opening an automatic gate as complicated or daunting, but it is relatively easy to do. We will cover some simple steps to keep you from being locked-in your gate from a power outage. By carefully following these steps, you should be able to manually open your gate without harming your gate opener.

There are different types of gate openers, so each electric gate may have a different process on how to manually open. Thankfully, each type of automatic gate has some type of manual release lever, key, or handle. Remove the cover. Some covers on sliding gates have screws that will need to be removed. Put the screws is a safe place so they don’t get lost.

Here are a couple common types of electric gates and how to manually open them. Search for the gate that most relates to your electric gate.

Electric Sliding Gate

To manually override a sliding gate, there may be a release pedal, hand crank or in emergencies remove the chain can be removed. Sliding gates have a larger motor than swinging gates.

Open with Hand Crank:

  1. Locate the hand crank (hopefully it was put back under the cover).
  2. Insert hand crank in marked whole for it and start turning until the gate opens as far as you need it to. This works mostly on LiftMaster SL3000 gate operators.
  3.  If you have All-O-Matic gate operator these have either a hand crank or foot pedal release.  If it is a hand crank insert it into the side of the gear box drive pulley to and turn to open as far as needed.

            Electric Swinging Gate

            Medium Size Swing Gate:

  1. On a LiftMaster new or old swing gate on top of the arm is a cover with a release key under it. Use the key to unlock and make a half turn on the handle, this will release the gate to move freely.
  2.  On most other gate operators taking the cotter pin out of the hinge at the gate only will allow the gate to move freely.
  3. If you have a dual swing gate and want to open it, repeat the same steps listed above.
  4. When finished manually opening and closing your gate, lock motor to engage the gate’s hydraulics again. If it does not lock in, it will not work.

Large Size Swing Gate:

  1. Disconnect the cotter pin from the gate.
  2. Manually push the gate open.

Keep in mind to check your gate’s manual to know exactly what you need to do to open manually. If you do not want to go through the hassle of following the steps yourself, you can call to schedule an appointment with one of our Certified A1 Gate Guys to help you repair your driveway gate. Serving all of the Dallas Area including Lucas Texas.


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