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Electric Gate Safety Tips

Electric Gate Safety Tips

Electric Gate Safety Tips

Automatic gates are in place to provide security to your property and your family. Unfortunately, it is possible for an electric gate to pose safety hazards if they are not installed or used correctly. Unfortunately, many fence contractors do not install gate operators correctly. After an installation, homeowners are responsible for maintaining and ensuring that their gate offers the best, highest level of safety for family members and guest.

How to Ensure that Your Gate has the Highest Level of Safety?

Check Safety Sensors Often—

In 2016 the safety sensors are now mandatory UL 325 Code for sliding gates and swing gates. A homeowner must be sure that the sensors are working properly to prevent the gate from accidentally closing on someone or something.

Use a Warning Safety Sign—

Mandatory to have a “Warning” sign on your gate to remind people to be cautious of the automatic gate. It may seem like a meaningless task, but it is a simple one to lower the risk of a serious accident. It is required by law – UL325 code and if found in violation, if someone or something gets hurt the homeowner may be liable.

Follow All Safety Instructions—

Each electric gate system comes with safety instructions by the manufacturer. Always keep these instructions for you to reference to in the future. Whether you have a LiftMaster or DoorKing gate operator, you should always make yourself aware of the appropriate safety precautions.

Instruct Your Whole Family—

Teach each family member all the electric gate safety precautions they need to take. Explain how the automatic gate works and the safety measures to apply. Kids especially need to know and understand gate safety and the eminent dangers of playing too close to the electric gate system. You should also make the appropriate childproofing measures that are needed. Little children should not have access to the gate opener keypad or the gate remote, so it is best to keep it high enough to be out of their reach.

Maintain Proper Electric Gate Function—

To ensure your electric gate is operating at optimal condition at all times, you will want to fix any gate malfunctions or problems in a timely matter. Fix all gate problems as soon as you notice them. If your gate has problems you cannot fix, you should call for a certified gate technician as soon as possible. Gate malfunctions are not something to ignore, especially if it poses a safety issue.

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