Gate Operators - Help Choosing Automatic Gate Operators

Which type of driveway gate are you searching for?

In today’s world, their are several different automatic gate operator styles and choices to choose from. The first choice is knowing if the gate operator is going to have enough room to “Slide” across the driveway or “Swing” across the driveway. The next option to think about is it a front entry from the street or will it be a gate going across the back yard next to the alley?

To extend your backyard many homeowners are installing gates and gate operators to enclose the driveway for more privacy, an extra play area for the kids and pets. It even gives a larger place to entertain outside especially if you have a pool in the backyard when all the family comes over for that special occasion.

What are you looking for in a gate operator? Check out the list below. Click on the one that best suits your taste or desire. If your not sure, listed below are a few questions to ask yourself before making a choice.


Is Your Gate Front Entry?

If your driveway gate is front entry and the gate is wrought iron the most common choice is a swing gate. If your driveway is small you may need a dual arm swing gate meaning the gate is split in half and both parts open to each side of the driveway and when it closes the gate meets in the middle.

Is Your Driveway Gate Rear Entry?

If you are enclosing the backyard and driveway with a new gate the most common automatic gate will be a slide gate. What type gate will you be installing in the back yard? The most common are a board on board fence that will slide across the driveway.

Does your Driveway or Alley get a lot of Sun?

Having a lot of sun in the driveway or alley a homeowner may want to choose a solar power automatic gate operator. This type of automatic gate operator has always worked well in rural areas with big open spaces, however even in the city some backyards have no trees to block the sun. A solar powered automatic gate operator offers 24/7 continuous battery operation with a solar power charge. Power when and where you need it!

Are you Selling your Home?

Having a Diagnostic Inspection on the Gate Operator you already have may prevent problems before the home inspector gets there to inspect. Having the Gate Operator tune-up ever year or so is imperative to keeping it functioning properly. This is called preventative maintenance – prevent the problem Before it breaks. Gate Operators always seem to break at the most inopportune time. Why wait to have it checked? Call a Certified Gate Operator Service Technician Today! Don’t let the Home Inspector fail your automatic gate operator and cost you the sale of your home!

Did I Close My Gate?

Monitor and Control your automatic gate operator from anywhere with your LiftMaster MyQ App. Never worry again or turn around to see whether you left the gate open. Now you can check and monitor with your smartphone. Once the app is open … Just tap the operator and it will close automatically. Peace of mind check it out here.

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