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Automatic Gate Problems

Automatic gates require service and maintenance like many mechanical devices. Without regular servicing, an automatic gate is more likely to make strange noises or even stop working altogether. Most people may think that if it is working fine, there is no need to service your automatic gate. Although with regular maintenance you can prevent problems from getting worst or possibly avoid them.

Since automatic gates have powered components and motorized parts, they can experience errors and malfunction. Think about your vehicle. It is also comprised of mechanical and motorized components that require regular servicing, such as an oil change. You could ignore the oil change since your vehicle is working fine, but that would result in a major problem that could ultimately total it.

Without regular service and maintenance, your automatic gate could experience some of these problems:

  • Inoperative; No longer opens or closes
  • Destroyed electronic components
  • Broken motor arms and brackets
  • Misalignment from physical damage
  • Making strange noises
  • Damaged remote controls

The problems associated with automatic gates are not limited to this list. Many different automatic gate issues could be avoided by service repairs. If you have any sign of automatic gate malfunctions or issues, don’t procrastinate to get it checked and repaired.

A1 Gate Guys have experienced professionals who have the knowledge and skills to repair and service all your automatic gate problems. Need to service or repair your electric or automatic gate? We can help you! We service Dallas and surrounding areas like Lucas, Highland Village, Lewisville and more!

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