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The Purpose of a Driveway Gate

Liftmaster Swing Gate

The main purpose of a work or home driveway gate is to keep unwanted visitors out and allow authorized people to come in and out. A driveway gate makes it easy and convenient. An intercom driveway gate is reliable, but not as convenient as an automatic electric gate. An automatic driveway gate is a reliable and a convenient alternative.

If you are interested in a driveway gate, there are two main types to consider: a swing gate or a slide gate. A swing gate opens by a hinged post that allows enough room and time for a car to pass through. A slide gate slides to the side in the direction of the gate to create an opening large enough for a vehicle to move through. An automatic gate allows for easy entry whether it is a slide gate or swing gate. Both types are a matter of personal preference or area that the gate will be traveling into.

Even though driveway gates are convenient, they do have those unfortunate times when a problem occurs. Commonly, the problem has to do with the gate opener. To troubleshoot your gate a diagnostic inspection will need to be performed in order to know how to fix it.  Repairing a gate may be complicated but we have the certified technicians who can help quickly as well as efficiently.   

If your gate is making noises, like a beep or clicking, it could be a low battery.  A gate that is not responding may be due to a breaker being switched off, an unplugged cord (mice chewing thru the wires), or a remote control not reading the signal. Be aware that freezing temperatures can cause your gate to have problems with the gate opener because it can run down the batteries in the motor. Not an issue we have in Texas very often, however, every couple of years it does get that cold to affect the gate opener.  

Whatever your problem, you can contact A1 Gate Guys and get your driveway gate repair done today.  We can diagnose the problem and get your driveway gate back to functioning the way that it should! Serving all of the DFW Area including Lucas Tx.


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