A1 Gate Guys – Signs that Your Electric Gate is in Need of Repair -

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A1 Gate Guys – Signs that Your Electric Gate is in Need of Repair

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To keep your home safe and secure, it is important to be on the lookout for common electric gate issues. Problems with your electric gate is not only an inconvenience, but it is ineffective at keeping out intruders. Here are some common issues for electric gates:

Faulty Sensors or Remote Control

Consider the response time of your electric gate sensor and remote control. Slow or delayed response time can be a sign of a faulty sensor. A gate remote control should have a proper response time and a power light. If the remote control is not operating properly, it may need new batteries or have an issue with the remote settings.

Damaged or Worn Parts

Listen to the sound your electric gate makes while it is operating. If it makes a hard grinding noise or a loud whirring sound, it could indicate an issue with the swinging or sliding mechanism. Search your gate for structured damage that could affect it from functioning correctly.

Malfunctioning or No Power

If your electric gate is not operational, aside from a power outage, this is a sign of a major issue that will need to be addressed and resolved by a professional. It is best to fix this issue promptly to get your electric gate back to functioning like it should.

If you are experiencing any of these issue with your electric gate, you can contact A1 Gate Guys to get an appointment scheduled. Don’t know what is causing your issue? No need to worry, we can evaluate your electric gate to find the problem and do the work to resolve the problem. A1 Gate Guy Repairing Electric Gates for Dallas and Surrounding areas like Highland Village, Lucas and More

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